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List of Five Years Plan

Five year Plans During Time Primary sector Target Rate Growth rate First   plan 1951-56 Agriculture, Electricity, irriation …

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Today in History : 31 July

Year - Event
1973 - DC-9, the Delta Airlines crashed in fog at Logan Airport, Boston. 89 passengers were killed and one became alive surprisingly. But lone survivor died 6 months later.
1980 - U.S.S.R. has conducted nuclear Test at Semi-palitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R. This test has brought strength to the country and its progress.
1982 - American European Football Federation (AEFF) has been formed. The countries those are the members of the federation are Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France form.
2011 - Boeing 737 plane, a Caribbean Airlines crashed. It split in to at the Chaddi Jagan International Airport. The report revealed that no one was injured.
2012 - Michael Phelps, the most popular U.S. Olympic swimming champion wins a record 19th Olympic medal. He has won gold in the 4x200metres freestyle relay.
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