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List of World's Major countries and their National Games

National Games and Countries

List of  World’s Countries and their National Games:List of different country in the world and their Nationals Games . Generally …

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Today in History : 29 August

Year - Event
1922 - The first radio advertisement is broadcast on WEAF-AM in New York City.
1949 - The Soviet Union examines its first atomic bomb, known as First Lightning or Joe 1, at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan.
2006 - Three more men are accused in London regarding the acts of terrorism over the alleged 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot, raising the total number of suspects involved to eleven.
2007 - NASA’s internal investigation regarding the heavy drinking among astronauts before missions finds no evidence.
2008 - Georgia cuts diplomatic ties with Russia following Russian recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
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