09, January 2013 GK Questions


  1. Who has been appointed as new Secretary of Ministry of Water Resource?
    • Anand Sinha
    • H R Khan
    • D Subbarao
    • S.K. Sarkar


    S.K. Sarkar

  2. Which state’s university of India conferred with best research award in Earth Sciences in January 2013?
    • University of Haryana
    • University of Rajasthan
    • University of Assam
    • University of Kashmir


    University of Kashmir

  3. What is the name of South Africa spinner cricketer retired from all of cricket?
    • Paul Harris
    • Andrew Hudson
    • Brian McMiliam
    • Clive Rice


    Paul Harris

  4. Which University developed Plastic Logic introduces ‘PaperTab,’ a paper-thin laptop that can be rolled up?
    • University of Canada
    • University of Japan
    • University of Germany
    • University of India


    University of Canada

  5. What is the name of veteran movie maker, who passes away on 9th January 2013?
    • Yash Chopra
    • Mania Ratnam
    • Mira Nair
    • S. Ramanathan


    S. Ramanathan

  6. Which Indian Court rejected Sahara Petition on Refund of 24000 crore Rupees on 9 January 2013?
    • High Court
    • Supreme Court
    • Apex Court
    • Trial Court


    Supreme Court

  7. Which England cricketer signed on Full-Central Contract with Wales Cricket Board on 9 January 2013?
    • Kevin Pietersen
    • Reggie Spooner
    • John Hartley
    • Walter Lees


    Kevin Pietersen

  8. Who among the follwoing elected as the Speaker of Legislative Assembly in Himachal Pradesh?
    • Brij Bihari Lal Butail
    • Punit Goyal
    • Ankit Chowhan
    • Rohit Mishra


    Brij Bihari Lal Butail

  9. Which Indian state collaborated with NSDL for Adoption of National Pension Scheme?
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Himachal Pradesh
    • Uttar Pradesh
    • Arunachal Pradesh


    Arunachal Pradesh

  10. Who among the following appointed as a secretary of Financial Services?
    • Rajiv Takru
    • Umesh Kumar
    • Sanjeev Jain
    • Raman Gupta


    Rajiv Takru

09, January 2013 GK Questions
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