19, March 2013 GK Questions

  1. Which India Bank announced that it will open 1200 Branches in India and 8 Overseas Offices in 2013-14 FY?
    • Punjab National Bank
    • Bank of Baroda
    • State Bank of India
    • Canara Bank


    State Bank of India

  2. Which among the following country banned at Bangladesh umpire for fixing in March 2013?
    • Pakistan
    • India
    • Bangladesh
    • America



  3. Which Bollywood actor’s Indian Premier League team stakes may be up for grabs in March 2013?
    • Salman khand
    • Amir Khand
    • Shah Rukh Khan
    • Akashay Kumar


    Shah Rukh Khan

  4. Which Medical science Institute restarted its eye bank in March 2013?
    • All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    • Tamil Nadu Government Dental Medical Colleges
    • Siddhartha Govt Medical College
    • Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences


    All India Institute of Medical Sciences

  5. Which Indian Vice president released “The First woman of India” in India on 19 March 2013?
    • Hamid Ansari
    • Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
    • Krishan Ka
    • Kocheril Raman Narayanan


    Hamid Ansari

  6. Which among the following Mobile Company won patent infringement suit against HTC in German Court on 19 March 2013?
    • Samsung
    • Vodafone
    • Nokia
    • Micrmax



  7. What is the name of Indian Institute of Chemical Technology’s scientist, who won the National Bioscience Award for 2012?
    • G. Naga Srinivas
    • P. Anand
    • S. Venkata Mohan
    • Dr. Y. Soujanya


    S. Venkata Mohan

  8. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 passed in Lok Sabha on———
    • 15-Mar-13
    • 17-Mar-13
    • 10-Mar-13
    • 19-Mar-13



  9. By which person bill of the National Food Security Bill passed on 19 March 2013?
    • President
    • Prime Minister
    • Chief Minister
    • Home Minister


    Prime Minister

  10. In which Country Honoured Three NRIs by Indian High Commission on World Hindi Day on 19 March 2013?
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • London
    • Australia



19, March 2013 GK Questions
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