22, January 2013 GK Questions

  1. Which political leader has been resigned from his post of BJP National President?
    • Narendra Modi
    • Nitin Gadkari
    • Lal Krishan Advani
    • Rajnath Thakur


    Nitin Gadkari

  2. Which two countries singed two agreements on Terrorism and Drug Trafficking?
    • India and Pakistan
    • Pakistan and Sri Lanka
    • India and Sri Lanka
    • Japan and India


    India and Sri Lanka

  3. Which department to undertake Cleanliness Drive across 100 Station in the Country?
    • Bus Department
    • Metro Department
    • Air Port
    • Railways Department


    Railways Department

  4. Which two woman players nominated Olympic Bronze Medalist as the National Icons by Election Commission on 22 January 2013?
    • Maria Sarapova and PV Sindhu
    • PV Sindhu and Mary Kom
    • Marry Kom and Maria Sarapova
    • Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom


    Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom

  5. Which scheme linked post office accounts for Direct Cash Transfer on 22 January 2013?
    • Aam Aadm Bima Yojna
    • Bachat Lamp Yojna
    • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
    • Indira Aawas Yojna


    Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

  6. Which freedom fighter’s Ancestral House Heritage status given by West Bengal?
    • Mahatma Gandhi
    • Shubhash Chandra Bose
    • Bhagat Singh
    • Mangal Pandey


    Shubhash Chandra Bose

  7. Who has been resigned from Odisha Cricket Association on 22 January 2013?
    • KV Singh Deo
    • Ajay Ratra
    • Vijay Dhaiya
    • J. P. Yadav


    KV Singh Deo

  8. How much crore money invested by Spice Global Entered Healthcare Sector in India on 22 January 2013?
    • 20 Crore Rupees
    • 10 Crore Rupees
    • 14 Crore Rupees
    • 30 Crore Rupees


    30 Crore Rupees

  9. Which country’s architect first 3-D Printed building planned come up by 2014 on 22 January 2013?
    • Franchise Architect
    • Japanese Architect
    • American Architect
    • Dutch Architect


    Dutch Architect

  10. Which Information technology company developed New Device that Helps Stephen Hawking Communicate Faster on 22 January 2013?
    • Intel
    • Infosys
    • HCL
    • Sony



22, January 2013 GK Questions
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