25, February 2013 GK Questions


  1. Which Investigation agency registered a case against three telecom companies for illegal ILD services on 25 February 2013?
    • Intelligence Bureau
    • National Investigation Agency
    • Central Bureau of Investigation
    • Directorate of Military Intelligence


    Central Bureau of Investigation

  2. Which among the following actor won the supporting-actor award for ‘Django’ at Oscars Awards 2013?
    • Jamie Foxx
    • Samuel L. Jackson
    • Christoph Waltz
    • Leonardo DiCaprio


    Christoph Waltz

  3. Which two companies signed MOU for setting up of Memu Coaches Manufacturing Facility at Bhilwara on 25 February 2013?
    • OCL and India Railway
    • Indian Railway and BHEL
    • OLC and BHEL
    • Bajaj Auto Ltd and OCL


    Indian Railway and BHEL

  4. Who has been appointed as the first woman President of South Korea on 25 February 2013?
    • Park Geun-Hye
    • Lee Myung-bak
    • Ahn Cheol-soo
    • Moon Jae-in


    Park Geun-Hye

  5. Name the Yahoo India’s Managing Director who resigned from his post on 25th February 2013?
    • Arun Tadanki
    • Moon Jae-in
    • Park Geun-Hye
    • Ahn Cheol-soo


    Arun Tadanki

  6. Which space research organisation successfully launched PSLV-C20 Rocket SARAL and six other satellites on 25 February 2013?
    • DRDO
    • NASA
    • IRDA
    • ISRO



  7. Who has been won the Prince Mouzam Jah Bahadur Memorial Cup?
    • Vijays Conquer
    • Paul Heman
    • Rajesh Verma
    • Naresh Malhotra


    Vijays Conquer

  8. The 85th Oscar awards presentation ceremony held in-
    • Los Angels
    • Berlin
    • Tokyo
    • New Delhi


    Los Angels

  9. Who has been elected as new chief of APCO on 25 February 2013?
    • K. Keshava Rao
    • Kunduru Jana Reddy
    • Botsa Satyanarayana
    • Hanumantha Rao


    Hanumantha Rao

  10. Which among the following movie won the best film award at Oscars 2013?
    • Argo
    • The Sum of All Fears
    • The Town
    • State of Play



25, February 2013 GK Questions
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