August 25, 2014 GK Questions


Test and build your general knowledge on current affairs questions with answers based on August 25, 2014 major events.

  1. Which African footballer died after hit by a projectile during an Algerian league match on 24 August?
    • Cameroonian striker Albert Ebosse
    • John Obi Mikel
    • Alex Song
    • None of these
  2. Answer

    Cameroonian striker Albert Ebosse

  3. What is the name of Maharashtra’s Governor, who has been recently resign after transfer to Mizoram on 24 August?
    • V Purushothaman
    • Kamla Beniwal
    • K Sankaranarayanan
    • Virendra Kataria
  4. Answer

    K Sankaranarayanan

  5. In which country The Narendra Modi will visit on 31 August 2014 for spend four Night?
    • America
    • Japan
    • China
    • Canada
  6. Answer


  7. Which Indian state’s police has lodged an FIR on National Level Shooter on 24 August?
    • Haryana
    • Madhya Pradesh
    • Jharkhand
    • Nagaland
  8. Answer


  9. Which Political party’s chief announced on Sunday that He will not resign from their post at Durga Chowk in Kerari?
    • Bhartiya Janta Party
    • Aam Admi Party
    • Indian National Congress
    • Bhartiya Sapa Party
  10. Answer

    Aam Admi Party

  11. Which Indian Minister underwent their checkup at AIIMS on Sunday?
    • Education Minister
    • Health Minister
    • Prime Minister
    • Railway Minister
  12. Answer

    Prime Minister

  13. Which Indian Oil Company planned Rs10,000crore gas pipeline project at Varanasi?
    • GAIL
    • IOC
    • HP
    • BPL
  14. Answer


  15. Which country’s scientists have developed “Video-less” 3D games of sight to allow visually impaired players?
    • Japan
    • Switzerland
    • London
    • Nigeria
  16. Answer


  17. What is the name of SEBI’s chairman, who free from case of MCX-SX to function as a full-fledged private stock exchange by CBI?
    • C B Bhave
    • Boko Haram
    • Arun Jaitley
    • Mamta Banerjee
  18. Answer

    C B Bhave

  19. What is the name of MPCA President, who has recently elected?
    • Anand Kumar
    • Sanjay Jagdale
    • Pallvi Joshi
    • Cheteswar Pujara
  20. Answer

    Sanjay Jagdale

August 25, 2014 GK Questions
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