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Career in Civil Engineering: Engineering has always been one of the top most priorities for all, and civil has been a pretty old one in the domain of engineering.  It is one of the oldest disciplines in the stream of engineering. It basically involves stuffs like charting out plans, designing & execution of the structural works (basically construction related). The profession also deals with a wide array of roles like that of supervision and activities related to construction.  Most of the public works like building of roads or bridges, the tunnels, dams, sewage, airports, ports, etc  are done by the these civil engineers.

Few tit bits related to Civil Engineering:-

  • A civil engineer is responsible for the planning’s and designing done for a particular project.
  • The engineer is also assigned with the role of project maintenance.
  • The engineer is required to have a sound knowledge on the civil engineering basics as the results could even be fatal.
  • The engineers are also required to have good administrative skills and supervisory skills to grow ahead in life, as they would remain as a junior all throughout their career.
  • The works also involves investigation of the site, making a feasibility study, and creating designs for project structures.
  • The civil engineers mostly work in teams which are coordinated by the other engineers in the same or different domain.
  • Normally their remains a supervisor on the field who take care and preside of the daily work operations. You would also find in big projects, site supervisors who take care and assist the head supervisor.
  • Civil engineers can also work independently as consultants or as part time workers as they have a profession in hand.
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The major specializations which are present within this domain is as under:

  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental engineering.
  • Construction engineering.
  • Transportation engineering.
  • Geo-technical engineering.
  • Coastal engineering.
  • Earthquake engineering.
  • Water resource engineering.
  • Surveying.
  • Municipal / Urban engineering.

The basic eligibility criteria for B. Tech civil engineers:

  • The candidate or student needs to qualify the higher secondary or class 12 exams from nay recognized board with a good percentile of marks in the subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • The students also need to qualify the general admission teats conducted for getting an admission into this course.

The duration of the study:

The duration for the B Tech course in civil engineering is of four years which consists of one year of practical study. Sometimes it could even be an on job training.

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Career in Civil Engineering
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