June 2013 Archive

June 2013

30, June 2013 GK Questions

Bombay High Court dismisses cheque bounce case against- Leander Paes Saina Nehawal Mahendra Singh Dhoni Aamir Khan What rank was India’s Taj Mahal among the top 7 Landmarks in …
June 2013

Top News Headlines of 30 June 2013

Major Events and Top News Headlines of 30 June 2013: Maharashtra Veterinary Council cries for more powers and government support Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission okays Rs 542.11 crore …
June 2013

29, June 2013 GK Questions

Which two country failed to resolve nuclear liability? China and Pakistan Russia and America India and Russia Nepal and Japan Which among the following political party suspends 7 MLAs …
June 2013

28, June 2013 GK Questions

Which city of Morocco signed on facilitate access to published works for visually impaired on 28 June 2013? Meknes Temara Rabat Marrakesh Who has been conferred with Indian Healthcare …
June 2013

27, June 2013 GK Questions

Which sports organisation granted associated membership to Afghanistan on 27 June 2013? BCCI ICC IOC HIL Which ministry signed with Nalanda University on Headquarters Agreement? Ministry of Railway Ministry …
June 2013

26, June 2013 GK Questions

Which among the following Country’s government banned Anti-Diabetes drug Pioglitazone and Painkiller Analgin? India Sri Lanka New York Pakistan Name the Wal-Mart India Chief executive officer who leaves as …
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