Fast Facts about India

भारत के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्यों की सूची (Bharat Ke Baare Mein Mehatvapurn Tathyon Ki Suchi)

Below are the list of some of the important and useful fast facts and information about India.

  • According to the World Bank, on the basis of purchasing power party, the economy of India is the fourth last economy in the world.
  • In the production of vegetables, India is on second position (after china).India is on first position in production of milk.
  • The highest producer of milk in India is Uttar Pradesh.
  • India is the third largest producer of Tobacco. But the largest producer and consumer of tobacco is China.
  • Four industries which have been reserved for public sector are Arms and Ammunition, Atomic Energy, Rail Transportation and Minerals.
  • The position of India is first as producer of pulses.
  • The Centre receives maximum net revenue through excise duty.
  • First in Hydel Power plant in India was started in Darjiling.
  • The money order system in India was launched in 1880.
  • First postal stamp was launch in India in 1852.
  • Maharastra is the first state which accorded the status of industry to agriculture in1997. According to the World Bank, per person property in India is $ 25 thousand.
  • The “Big push theory” has been given by R.Rodan. Alferd marshal propounded the “principles of consumer surplus”. Central Agmark Laboratory is in Nagpur.
  • First cotton industry of the country was established in kolkata in1818 and the second by Kovasjee Nana Bhai in Mumbai in 1853.
  • The largest number of cooperative institutions is in India.
  • Unorgaised sectors are creating more employment than organised sector in India.
  • The share of groundnut is the highest in the production of soil seeds.
  • Three cities have India more than 1 Crore population Mumbai Kolkata and Delhi. Urbainsation is highest in Goa in India.
  • Asian development bank was established in 1966. (Head office Manila) The share of India in world trade of spices is 40%.
  • The social accounting method of estimating national income was developed by Richard stone.
  • TRIFED is National Agricultural co-operative marketing development federation of India LTD. Established by government in 1987 to benefit small tribal farmers.
  • NAFEED is National Agricultural co-operative marketing development federation of India LTD. Established for marketing the Agricultural products.
  • Textile industry exports account for about 24.46% of India’s Total export oriental industrial units will get automatic sanction of foreign equity investment up to 51%.
  • In 1993 FERA (Foreign exchange regulation act 1973) was replaced by FEMA (Foreign exchange management act).
  • Textile industry has the largest contribution of 20% in India’s total industrial production. Small industries have been completely relaxed from licensing.
  • Since 2002’prince of all petroleum products are market determined kerosene and domestic LPG is supplied as subsided rates to target groups.
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Fast Facts about India
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