List of Nobel Prize Winners 2017

Recipients of Noble Prize for the year 2017: The announcement of Nobel Prize 2017 has begun. This award was started in 1895 in the name of Elfred Nobel of Sweden. They invented dynamite. Every year, Nobel Prizes are awarded in the world for its contribution in the fields of medicine, …

Current Indian State Governors and Chief Ministers List 2017

List of Current Governors and Chief Ministers of Indian States 2017: The list of Indian states with their Governors, Chief Ministers and Ruling Parties, is being provided to improve your knowledge.We keep on updating the list that we keep up you updated. India’s 29th state Telangana came into existence on …

Who is Who: Current Highest Position Holders in India & World

Latest Who is Who 2017: Heads of Important Offices in India and World

Latest Who is Who 2017: Heads of Important Offices in India and World This section gives you latest information about Heads of Important Offices in India and World. Some questions frequently asked in all competitive exams related to Latest Who is Who 2017. So it is very important to keep oneself updated with …

List of Chief Ministers from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Indian States

List of Chief Minister of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) ruled Indian States The head of every government in all 29 states and 2 union territories (Delhi and Puducherry) is called Chief Minister. At present, 16 of the 29 states in the country have the governments of the Bharatiya Janata Party …

List of Honourable Chief Justice of India

List of Chief Justice of India Appointed (Former and Current)

List of Chief Justices of India Since 1950 Till Date India has a single judicial system which has brought about not only jurisdictional unity, but also the establishment of a single judicial cadre, as it were, for the whole country. Since the birth of the Republic of India on 26 …

Important Political Parties of Different Countries, Political Parties by country

Important Political Parties Names with Related Country

Political parties are the association of voters with broad, common interests who want to influence or control decision-making in government by electing the parties candidates to public office. Some Important Political Parties of Different Countries Country Political Parties United States of America Republican Party, Democratic Party Iraq Bath Party Israel …

Vice Presidents of India: List of Vice-Presidents of India Since 1952

Vice Presidents of India with Names, Tenure, Important Facts

List of Appointed Vice Presidents of India Since 1952 to 2017: The Vice-President of India is the second-highest ranking government official in the executive branch of the Government of India after the President. The Vice-President also has the legislative function of acting as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Article …

Largest Agriculture Producing Countries in World, Agricultural Producing Countries

Largest Producing Countries of Agricultural Commodities in World

Largest Producing Countries of Agricultural Commodities Production (and consumption) of agricultural plant commodities has a diverse geographical distribution. Along with climate and corresponding types of vegetation, the economy of a nation also influences the level of agricultural production. Production of some products is highly concentrated in a few countries while …

Famous Slogans and Phrases given by Indian Freedom Fighters

List of Indian slogans called for memorable motto or phrase used in a political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose.

64th National Film Awards 2017 Winners Complete List

64th National Film Awards 2017: Here’s the complete list of the winners: The winners list of 64th National Film Awards was announced on 07 April 2017. Akshay Kumar bagged the Best Actor award for his act in ‘Rustom’. Sonam Kapoor -starrer ‘Neerja’, which was directed by Ram Madhvani, was declared …

Name of Parliaments of the famous countries in the World

Name of Parliaments of the famous countries in the World

Name of Parliament of different countries in the World Parliament names of different countries – In any democratic form of government the supreme legislative body is called as Parliament. It is also the executive governing body of the country. Parliament, Congress, National Assembly etc are the common names used to …

Indian Festivals 2017- Indian Calendar & Indian Holidays GK List 2017

Famous Indian Festivals and Nationals Holidays of India in 2017

Famous Indian Festivals and Public Holidays of India in 2017: There is a history attached with each and every festivals that people celebrate in India. Diwali is celebrated when Lord Ram came back from the long time spent in jungle and people of Ayodhaya ignited diyas in the happiness of …