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List of Major Disasters In India

The list of major disasters in India from 1972 to 2014. the disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, […]

Important Facts about Animals

Important Facts about Animals The Gorilla, when angry, stands up and beats its chest. The Gibbon is a tailless ape found in East Indies. Its arms are very long. It […]

Waterfalls in India with its Height and Location

List of waterfalls in India by its height in meter and feet and its location: Waterfall Name Height in meter Height in Feet Location, City, State Vajrai Waterfall 560 metres […]

List of Animals with Male, Female and Young Names

Animal Young Female Male African buffalo calf Alligator hatchling cow bull American Bison (Buffalo) calf cow bull Ant larva, pupa queen, worker, gyne drone Antelope calf doe buck Ape infant […]

Largest, Longest, Highest And Smallest In India

Here is very important topic and post that you are looking for. I know every one want to know the what is biggest, largest, longest, highest and more. As we […]

List of Important Indian Towns on the River Bank

In the previous post we have gone through the list of Nick Names of Important Indian Places and Important Cities on the River Bank of all world. Here you will […]

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

This is post is very important for readers that are Indians and non-Indians. Because whenever you will plan to visit India’s amazing & incredible parts and to get adventure of […]

Chief Agriculturals and their Producer Countries

We will read in this post about the chief and major agricultural products and their producer countries and a list of top countries according to their agricultural output. Rice China, […]

Surnames or Second Geographical names of Famous Part of the World

In the previous post you did get the knowledge about world’s biggest, largest, longest and highest things, now in this post you will get the knowledge about the Surnames or […]

List of Smallest and Biggest Countries Name

This post is very important for me and also all of you. Yes I know you was in search for a list of biggest and smallest country name in world […]

Major Icelands of the World

An island is any piece of land that is completely surrounded by water in two dimensions, above high tide, and isolated from other significant landmasses.(wikipedia) In decreasing order of size: […]

Major Peninsulas of the World

A peninsula is a piece of land that is nearly surrounded by water but connected to mainland via an isthmus. (Wikipedia): Here are the major Peninsulas name and the size […]

Major and Important Rivers of the World

It is supposed that largest river is Amazon, although it is 222 km shorter than Nile (the longest river of the world). It is considered so because it is navigable […]

Major Seas and Oceans on the Earth

Major Sea In decreasing order: South China Sea Caribbean Sea Mediterranean Sea Major Oceans of the World: Names Area (Sq. Km.) Greatest Depth Pacific 166,240000 Mariana Trench Atlantic 86,560000 Puerto […]

Major Mountain Ranges of the World

In the previous post we have gone through the details of Major Mountain Peaks of the World. Now we will know about the Major Mountain Ranges of the World. There […]

Most Important Deserts of World

Do you know the most famous and important deserts of the world? Which and how many parts of the Earth is called deserts and what are their names? Let see […]

Major Mountain Peaks of the World

Would you like to go at highest peak to touch the Sky? But, do you which of the mountains is highest peak of the world. No to worry here are […]

Important Natural Local Winds

Chinook Hot, dry wind in Rockies, also called ‘snow eater’. Foehn Hot, dry wind in the Alps. Khamsin Hot, dry wind in Egypt. Sirocco Hot, moist wind from Sahara to […]