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National Games and Countries

Below is the list of countries and their national games:

Country Games
Argentina Pato
Bahamas  Sloop
Bangladesh  Kabaddi
Brazil  Capoeira
Canada  Ice Hockey (winter), Lacrosse (summer)
Chile  Chilean rodeo
Colombia  Tejo
Mexico  Charrería
Korea (Rep.) Tae Kwon Do
Philippines  Arnis
Puerto  Rico Paso fino
Sri Lanka Volleyball
Uruguay  Gaucho
Afghanistan  Buzkashi
Anguilla  Yacht racing
Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
Barbados  Cricket
Bermuda  Cricket
Bhutan  Archery
China  Table Tennis
Colombia Association  Football
Cuba  Baseball
Dominican  Republic Baseball
Finland  Pesäpallo
Grenada  Cricket
Guyana  Cricket
India  Field hockey
Ireland  Gaelic games
Jamaica  Cricket
Latvia  Basketball (summer sport) 
Latvia  Ice hockey (winter sport)
Lithuania  Football
New Zealand  Rugby Union
Norway Cross-country  Skiing
Pakistan  Field Hockey
Papua New Guinea  Rugby league
Peru  Paleta Frontón
Slovenia Alpine  Skiing
Switzerland  Shooting, Gymnastics
Turkey  Wrestling & Jereed
United States  Baseball
Wales  Rugby union

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