Important Cities on the River Bank of all world

List of Important Cities on the River Bank in The world

Now this is the time to know about the important and famous cities of the world that are spread on the river of bank.

City Country River
Adelaide Australia Torrens
Amsterdam Netherlands Amsel
Alexandria Egypt Nile
Ankara Turkey Kazil
Bangkok Thailand Chao Praya
Basra Iraq Euphrates and Tigris
Baghdad Iraq Tigris
Berlin Germany Spree
Bonn Germany Rhine
Budapest Hungary Daunbe
Bristol U. K. Avon
Buenos Aires Argentina Laplata
Chittagong Bangladesh Majyani
Canton China Si-Kiang
Cairo Egypt Nile
Chung King China Yang-tse-King
Cologne Germany Rhine
Dandzing Germany Vistula
Dresden Germany Elve
Dublin Ireland Liffy
Hamburg Germany Elve
Kabul Afghanistan Kabul
Karachi Pakistan Indus
Khartoum Sudan Confluence of Blue and white Nile
Lahore Pakistan Ravi
Leningrad Russia Neva
Lisbon Portugal Tagus
Liverpool England Messey
London England Thames
Moscow Russia Moskva
Montreal Canada St. Lawrence
Nanking China Yang-tse-Kiang
New Orleans U.S.A. Mississippi
New York U.S.A. Hudson
Ottawa Canada Ottawa
Paris France Seine
Philadelphia U.S.A. Delaware
Perth Australia Swan
Prague Czech Republic Vitava
Quebec Canada St. Lawrence
Rome Italy Tiber
Rotterdam The Netherlands New Mass
Stalingrad Russia Volga
Shanghai China Yang-tse-Kiang
Sidney Australia Darling
Saint Luis U.S.A. Mississippi
Tokyo Japan Arakava
Vienna Australia Danube
Warsaw Poland Vistula
Washington D.C. U.S.A. Potomac
Yangoon Myanmar Irrawaddy
Important Cities on the River Bank of all world
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