Important Facts about Animals

पशु के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्यों की सूची (Pashu Ke Baare Mein Mehatvapurn Tathyon Ki Suchi)

Important Facts about Animals

  • The Gorilla, when angry, stands up and beats its chest.
  • The Gibbon is a tailless ape found in East Indies. Its arms are very long. It is the least intelligent of the ape.
  • A tortoise can live up to 200 years.
  • Baby alligator has fine rows of teeth in its mouth when it is born.
  • The African lungfish can survive out of water for four years.
  • Snail, earthworm and centipede are the living beings found in the soil.
  • The animals having no backbones are called invertebrates.
  • The animals having backbones are called, vertebrates.
  • The Vampire bat lives on blood of other animals.
  • The amphibians are the animals that live partly on land and partly in water.
  • The guinea-pig is not a pig. It is a rodent found in South America.
  • Plankton is the name for very tiny living things found floating near the top of water in the seas. These are eaten by the whales.
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Important Facts about Animals
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