List of Most Important Rivers of the World

List of Most Important and Famous Rivers of the World:

The longest river of the world is the Nile River (4,157 miles long); it is located in northeastern Africa, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The second-longest river of the world is the Amazon River (3,915 miles long); it is located in northeastern South America, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The third-longest river of world is Chang (Yangtse) River (3,434 miles long); it flows across south-central China and into the East China Sea.

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Longest Rivers by Continent of the World List:-

Continent Longest River Length
Africa Nile River 4,157 miles (6,690 km) long
Antarctica None N/A
Asia Yangtze River 3,434 miles (5,530 km) long
Australia Murray-Darling River 2,310 miles (3,720 km) long
Europe Volga River 2,290 miles (3,700 km) long
North America Mississippi-Missouri River 2,540 miles (4,090 km) + 2,340 miles (3,770 km) long
South America Amazon River 3,915 miles (6,300 km) long

List of Major rivers of the World with details:

River Flows Into Length in Miles
Nile Mediterranean 4,157
Amazon Atlantic Ocean 3,915
Chang (Yangtse) East China Sea 3,434
Huang (Yellow) Gulf og Chihli, Yellow Sea 2.901
Ob-Irtysh Gulf of Ob 3,362
Amur Tatar Strait 2,744
Lena Laptev Sea 2,734
Congo Atlantic Ocean 2,718
Mekong South China Sea 2,600
Niger Gulf of Guinea 2,590
Yenisey Kara Sea 2,543
Missouri Mississippi River 2,540
Parana Rio de la Plata 2,485
Mississippi Southwest Pass 2,340
Murray-Darling Indian Ocean 2,310
Volga Caspian Sea 2,290
Purus Amazon River 2,100
Madeira Amazon River 2,013
Sao Francisco Atlantic Ocean 1,988
Yukon Bering Sea 1,980
Rio Grande Gulf of Mexico 1,900
Brahmaputra Bay of Bengal 1,800
Indus Arabian Sea 1,800
Danube Black Sea 1,776
Japura Amazon River 1,750
Euphrates Shatt al-Arab 1,700
Zambezi Indian Ocean 1,700
Tocantins Para River 1,677
Orinoco Atantic Ocean 1,600
Paraguay Parana River 1,584
Amu Aral Sea 1,578
Ural Caspian Sea 1,575
Ganges Bay of Bengal 1,560
Salween Andaman Sea 1,500
Arkansas Mississippi River 1,460
Colorado, AZ Gulf of California 1,450
Dnieper Black Sea 1,420
Negro Amazon River 1,400
Syr Aral Sea 1,370
Irrawaddy Bay of Bengal 1,337
Orange Atlantic Ocean 1,300
Red Atchafalaya River 1,290
Brazos Gulf of Mexico 1,280
Columbia Pacific Ocean 1,240
Don Sea of Azov 1,224
Peace Slave River 1,210
Xi S. China Sea 1,200
Tigris Shatt al-Arab 1,180
Angara Yenisey River 1,151
Songhua Amur River 1,150
Snake Columbia River 1,040
Mackenzie Arctic Ocean 1,025
Churchill, Man. Hudson Bay 1,000
Pilcomayo Paraguay River 1,000
Uruguay Rio de la Plata 1,000
Platte Missouri River 990
Ohio Mississippi 981
Magdalena Caribbean Sea 956
Pecos Rio Grande 926
Canadian Arkansas River 906
Dniester Black Sea 877
Fraser Str. of Georgia 850
Dvina, North White Sea 824
Rhine North Sea 820
St. Lawrence Gulf of St. Lawrence 800 or 1,900
Ottawa St. Lawrence River 790
Elbe North Sea 724
Gambia Atlantic Ocean 700
Wisla Bay of Danzig 675
Tennessee Ohio River 652
Dvina, West Gulf of Riga 634
Loire Bay of Biscay 634
Tajo, Tagus Atlantic Ocean 626
Albany James Bay 610
Back, N.W.T. Arctic Ocean 605
Tisza Danube River 600
Meuse North Sea 580
Oder Baltic Sea 567
Ebro Mediterranean 565
Red River of N. Lake Winnipeg 545
Churchill, Que. Atlantic Ocean 532
Rhone Gulf of Lions 505
Seine English Channel 496
Kootenay Columbia River 485
Bug, Western Wisla River 481
Weser North Sea 454
Drava Danube River 447
Saguenay St. Lawrence River 434
St. John Bay of Fundy 418
Nelson Hudson Bay 410
Po Adriatic Sea 405
Rio Roosevelt Aripuana 400
Garonne Bay of Biscay 357
Marne Seine River 326
Tiber Tyrrhenian Sea 252
Thames North Sea 236
Shannon Atlantic Ocean 230
Jordan Dead Sea 200
Rio de la Plata Atlantic Ocean 150
List of Most Important Rivers of the World
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