Indian Army SSC Officers


If you want to serve in the armed forces of whatever country you may be living at but do not want to be there permanently then you are in luck. You can still serve your armed forces but just for a short period of time. This is known as short service. And in India, even if you’re just planning on short service you can still be one of the several different Indian Army short service commissioned officers or also known as an Army SSC.

But remember, even if it may be just a short service, you must still be eligible for candidacy. First of all not everyone can become one of them. You must first wield different and essential accolades before becoming one. If you’re a law graduate then it will be easier for you to become an Army SSC. If not, then all you need is a whole lot more effort. But other than that it will still be simple and easy if you really check it out.

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Selection for an Army SSC will first be done by a simple screening as well as short listing of the several different applicants that you can be one of. This is done at the recruitment headquarters. The remaining candidates will then be called for a special jury service also known as SSB interview in Allahabad. The selection process will be done for five years in the Bangalore Bhopal. There, you will find yourself in several different psychological and group testing as well as expect different interviews during your time.

Training and selection for every and any Indian Army short service commissioned officer may be quite hard and difficult. For some people, by reading this alone, they may already be demoralized. But other than that look on the bright side. By becoming an Army SSC you will not just have the very rare chance to serve in the line of duty all for the sake and benefit of your country as well as your beloved motherland. You will also be granted a great pay of 15600 rupees up to as high as 39100 rupees yearly. But other than in terms of money, by becoming an Indian Army short service commissioned officer no matter who you may be, you will have something to boast at and you may even get a chance to make a name for yourself in the line of duty.

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Indian Army SSC Officers
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