Interesting Fast Facts About Physics

भौतिक विज्ञान के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्यों की सूची (Bhautik Vigyaan Ke Baare Mein Mehatvapurn Tathyon Ki Suchi)

  • Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure as an indication of weather is Barometer
  • Bicycle tyre (Pneumatic) was invented by John Boyd Dunlop
  • A device used to measure current is Ammeter
  • Energy from sources that are renewable and ecologically safe, as opposed to sources that are non-renewable with toxic by-pro- ducts is Alternative energy
  • Any system consisting of only two elements is Binary
  • Cash Register was invented by James Ritty
  • Instrument used in aircraft that measures altitude, or height above sea level is Altimeter
  • Addressograph was invented by J. S. Duncan
  • Metal blended with metallic some other or non-metallic substance to give it special qualities, such as resistance to corrosion is Alloy
  • Arc Lamp was invented by F. Brush
  • The study of the structure of the universe and how the objects in it behave is Electronicsphysics
  • Celluloid was invented by Alexander Parkes
  • Adding Machine was invented by Blaise Pascal
  • Carburetor was invented by Gottlieb Diamler
  • The smallest unit of matter that can take part in a chemical reaction, and which cannot be broken down chemically into anything simpler is Atom
  • The science of the movement and behaviour of missiles, projectiles from guns, rifles and slings, bombs and rockets is Ballistics
  • Bifocal Lens was invented by Benjamin Franklin
  • The rate of change of the velocity of a moving body is Acoustics
  • The effect of the upward force (upthrust) on an object in a fluid is Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright
  • In general, the experimental and theoretical science of sound and its transmission is Buoyancy
  • Burglar Alarm was invented by Acoustics
  • Ballpoint pen was invented by Edwin T. Holmes
  • Balloon was invented by John J. Loud
  • Electric Lamp was invented by Thomas Alva Edison
  • The long-term pattern of weather in a region is Climate
  • A negative electrode in a cell is Cathode
  • Electric Motor was invented by Nikola Tesla
  • Clock(Mechanical) was invented by I. Hsing and Liang Ling-Tsan
  • In electronics, a term meaning ‘coded as numbers’ is Digital
  • A unit of energy content of food is Calorie
  • Minimum velocity with which an object must be projected for it to escape from the gravitational pull of a planetary body is Escape velocity
  • A unit of weight for gems and precious metals is Carat
  • A unit of electric charge is Coulomb
  • The speed of an object leaving the surface of a planet, for example, such that it just escapes the gravitational pull is Escape speed
  • The mechanical coupling of two or more spacecrafts is Docking
  • A phenomenon in which a liquid rises in a thin tube or channel due to surface tension is Capillary action
  • A simple generator or machine for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy is Dynamo
  • Cinema was invented by Auguste Marie Louis Nocolas Lumiere and Louis jean Lumiere
  • A situation where one event causes a second this leads to a third, and so on is Chain reaction
  • A beam securely fixed at one end and hanging free at the other hand is Cantilever
  • An effect of surface tension is Capillarity
  • Elevator was invented by Elisha G. Otis
  • A unit of radioactivity is Curie
  • An apparatus for measuring heat is Calorimeter
  • A safety switch that automatically cuts off the current when there is an overload is Circuit breaker
  • Clock (Pendulum) was invented by Christian Huygens
  • The passage of an astronomical body through the shadow of another is Eclipse
  • Electron is one of the basic particles of matter
  • Electronic Computer was invented by J. G. Brainerd, J. P. Eckert, J. W. Mauchly
  • Electric Motor was invented by Zenobe Gramme
  • A force away from the centre that may appear to be observed during motion in a curve is Centrifugal force
  • The atoms of an element having the same atomic number but different atomic weights are Isotopes
  • A unit for measuring ship’s speed is Knot
  • Sound waves which have frequencies above 500 megahertz are Hypersonic
  • The branch of physics that deals with the behaviour of liquids at rest and in motion is Hydraulics
  • A powerful whirling tropical storm that measures 320 to 480 kilometers in diameter is Hurricane
  • Film (talking) was invented by J. Engl, J. Mussolle and H.Vogt
  • Helicopter was invented by Etienne Oehmichen
  • A sensitive instrument for detecting or measuring small electric currents is Galvanometer
  • A point directly above the true centre of disturbance from which the shock waves of an earthquake apparently radiate is Epicentre
  • A practical unit of power which is equal to 550 foot-pound per second or 746 watts is Horse power
  • The waters of the earth, oceans, lakes, rivers and glaciers that cover about three-fourth of the earth’s surface are Hydrosphere
  • A form of energy possessed by moving bodies is Kinetic energy
  • Glider was invented by Sir George Cayley
  • Instrument used to measure the relative density of liquids (the density compared with that of water) is Hydrometer
  • Generator was invented by Piciontti
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Interesting Fast Facts About Physics
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