January 1, 2015 GK Question


Attempt below questions based on 1 January 2015 major events and build you GK online:

1. Indian cricketer returned as a back-up wicketkeeper for the last Test match against Australia?
2. Who described as “greatly exaggerated” that he secretly married?
3. Name of country will return to India an ancient Buddha statue which stolen from India?
4. Niti Aayog replaced by Prime Minister with…………. Planning Commission?
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5. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu easily won a primary vote, Prime Minister of which country?
6. Recently where was found 5,000 year-old under ground city?
7. `PK' Movie will be exempted from tax in……….?
9. State government announced that DNA tests on people begging on the streets with children?

10. Mohin Chavan and Manalisha Sonowal won a gold medal on 1st January, belong to which sports?

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January 1, 2015 GK Question
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