January 4, 2015 GK Question

Attempt below questions based on 4 January 2015 major events and build you GK online:

1. Gujarat’s boats Jhelelal and Jalaram were seized by which country on 4th January?
2. Where will Celebrity MPs of BKP field their campaign?
4. Which year will a 30-metre-man-made’s 'eye' on dome open?
5. Eunuch Madhu Kinnar wins mayoral election on 4th January in……….?
6. Who said that “Dalit ki beti Maya is now daulat ki beti” for Mayawati?
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7. A company insulted by using Mahatma Gandhi's image on beer cans and bottles...?
8. Name of Space agency will face a nail-biting fortnight in June 2015?
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9. Which country offering its students a new course on the art of selfies?
10. The first popularly elected black US senator died on 3rd January?

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January 4, 2015 GK Question
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