July 19, 2015 GK Question

Attempt below questions based on July 19, 2015 major events and build you GK online:

1. Sri Lanka has sought grant assistance from which country to provide a tangible peace dividend to its people?
2. Which court of India has allowed to record the court proceedings?
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3. What kind of weapon was recently used by ISIS in attack on Syria?
4. Which country is planning to make world’s largest seaplane?
5. Which one of the following states has unsafe roads according to the data of NCRB-
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6. Indian origin doctor Shiv Pandey received honorary fellowship in-
7. India has recently signed a customs pact with-
8. Actor Alex Rocco who has recently passed away was famous for acting in-
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9. Soccer legend Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia belongs to which country-

July 19, 2015 GK Question
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