List of Women Rulers, World Leaders Historical and Current

Below is the list of women which became famous and well known because of their professional profile. Specially Women who were the rulers and served in/for their country on high profile post.

Name of Women RulersĀ from world with their posts:

Name Country Year Post
Subhaataryn Yanjmaa Mongolia 1953 Acting President
Sirimavo Bandaranaika Sri Lanka 1960 Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi India 1966 Prime Minister
Hilda Gibbs-Bynoe Grenada 1967 Governor
Golda Meir Israel 1969 Prime Minister
Maria Isbel Peron Argentina 1974 President
Elisabeth Domitien Central African Republic 1975 Prime Minister
Lucinda da Costa Gomez Matheeuws Netherlands Antilles 1977 Prime Minister
Lydia Gveiler Tejada Bolivia 1979 Acting President
Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo Portugal 1979 Acting Prime Minister
Margaret Hilda Thatcher Britain 1979 Prime Minister
Song Qingling China 1980 Honorary President
Mary Eugenia Charles Dominica 1980 Prime Minister
Vigdis Finnbogadottir Iceland 1980 President
Maria Lea Pedini-Angelini San Marinio 1981 Co CaptainRegent
Elmira Minita Gordon Belize 1981 Governor General
Gro Harlem Brundtland Norway 1981 Prime Minister
Milka Planinc Yugoslavia 1982 Prime Minister
Agatha Barbara Malta 1982 Acting President
Carmen Pereira Guinea Bissau 1984 Acting President
Maria Liberia Peters Netherland Antilles 1984 Prime Minister
Gloriana Ranocchini San Marino 1984 Co Captain Regent
Jeanne Mathilde Sauve Canada 1984 Governor-General
Corozon Aquino Philippines 1986 President
Flora Macdonald Canada 1987 Acting Prime Minister
Benazir Bhutto Pakistan 1988 Prime Minister
Herta Praulopp Haiti 1990 President
Sabine Bergmann-Pohl German Democratic Republic 1990 President
Kazimiera Prunskiene Lithuania 1990 Prime Minister
Ertha Pascal Trouillot Haiti 1990 Acting President
Ruth NitaBarrow Barbados 1990 Governor-General
Catherine Tizard New Zealand 1990 Governor-General
Mary Robinson Ireland 1990 President
Violeta Barrios De Chamorro Nicaragua 1990 President
Edith Cresson France 1991 Prime Minister
Khaleeda Zia Bangladesh 1991 Prime Minister
Hanna Suchocka Poland 1992 Prime Minister
Kim Campbell Canada 1993 Prime Minister
Susanne Camelia-Roemer Netherland Antilles 1993 Prime Minister
Sylvie Kinigi Burundi 1993 Prime Minister
Agathe Uwilingiyimana Rwanda 1993 Prime Minister
Tansu Ciller Turkey 1993 Prime Minister
Reneta Indzhova Bulgaria 1994 Acting Prime Minister
Chandrika Kumaratunge Sri Lanka 1994 Prime Minister, President
Claudette Werleigh Haithi 1995 Prime Minister
Sheik Hasina Bangladesh 1996 Prime Minister
Ruth Sando Perry Liberia 1996 Acting President
Rosalia Arteaga Ecuador 1997 President
Janet Jagan Guyana 1997 Prime Minister, President
Calliopa Pearlette Louisy St.Lucia 1997 Governor General
Mary Mc Aleese Ireland 1997 President
Pamela Gordon Bermuda 1997 Prime Minister
Jenny Shipley New Zealand 1997 Prime Minister
Anne Enger Lahnstein Norway 1998 Acting Prime Minister
Jennifer Smith Bermuda 1998 Prime Minister
Ruth Dreifuss Switzerland 1999 President
Irena Degutience Lithuania 1999 President
Nyam-Osoriyn Tuyaa Mongolia 1999 Acting Prime Minister
Helen Clarke New Zeland 1999 Prime Minister
Mireya Moscoso Panama 1999 President
Vaira Vike Freiberga Latvia 1999 President
Adrienne Clarkson Canada 1999 Governor General
Tarja Halonen Finland 2000 President
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Philippines 2001 President
Megawati Sukarnoputri Indonesia 2001 President
Madior Boy Senegal 2001 Prime Minister
Silvia Cartwright New Zealand 2001 Governor-General
Change Sang South Korea 2002 Prime Minister
Maria Das Neves Ceita Baptista De Sousa Sao Tome and Principe 2002 Prime Minister
Beatriz Merino Lucero Peru 2003 Prime Minister
Monica Dacon Saint Vincent & The Grena dines 2002 Governor-General
Anneli Tuulikki Jaattenmaki Finland 2003 Prime Minister
Nino Burdzhanadze George 2003 Acting President
Luisa Dias Diogo Mozambique 2004 Prime Minister
Yulia Timoshenko Eukraine 2004 Prime Minister
Angela Merckel Germany 2005 Chancellor
Ellen Johnson Liberia 2006 President
Michelle Bachelet Chile 2006 President
Park Geun Hye South Korea since25-02-2013 President
List of Women Rulers, World Leaders Historical and Current
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