List of Animals with Male, Female and Young Names

Animal Young Female Male
African buffalo calf
Alligator hatchling cow bull
American Bison (Buffalo) calf cow bull
Ant larva, pupa queen, worker, gyne drone
Antelope calf doe buck
Ape infant
Ass/Donkey foal jenny jack
Baboon infant
Badger kit sow boar
Bat pup
Bear cub sow boar
Beaver kit, kitten, pup
Bee larva, pupa queen, worker drone
Bison calf cow bull
Butterfly caterpillar
Camel calf cow bull
Cat kitten molly, queen tom
Cattle calf cow bull
Chamois calf doe bull
Cheetah cub
Chicken chick hen, pullet rooster, cock
Cockroach nymph
Coyote cub, pup, whelp bitch dog
Crane chick, colt
Crocodile hatchling cow bull
Deer calf, fawn doe, hind, cow buck, stag, bull
Dog whelp, pup, puppy bitch, dam dog, stud, sire
Dolphin calf, pup cow bull
Donkey/Ass foal jenny jack
Duck duckling duck, hen drake
Eagle eaglet
Echidna puggle
Eel elver
Eland calf
Elephant calf cow bull
Elephant seal
Elk (wapiti) calf cow bull
Falcon eyass/eyas falcon tiercel
Ferret kit jill hob
Finch chick hen cock
Fly maggot
Fox cub, kit, pup vixen dog
Frog polliwog, tadpole, froglet
Gazelle calf cow bull
Gerbil pup doe buck
Giant Panda cub sow boar
Giraffe giraffeling cow bull
Gnu calf
Goat kid doe, nanny buck, billy
Goose gosling goose gander
Gorilla infant blackback,
Guanaco chulengo
Guinea pig pup sow boar
Gull chick, scorrie hen cock
Hamster pup doe buck
Hare leveret doe, jill buck, jack
Hawk eyas hen tiercel
Hippopotamus calf cow bull
Hornet larvae, pupae queen drone
Horse foal, colt (male), filly (female) mare stallion
Human child, girl, boy, kid woman man
Hyena cub, pup, whelp bitch dog
Jackal pup
Jaguar cub
Jellyfish planula, polyp, ephyra
Kangaroo joey flyer, doe boomer, buck
Kudu calf
Lark chick hen cock
Leopard cub leopardess leopard
Lion cub lioness lion
Llama cria hembra macho
Louse nymph
Lobster hen cock
Lyrebird hen cock
Magpie hen cock
Mallard duckling hen drake
Manatee calf cow bull
Meerkat pup
Mink cub, kit sow boar
Mole pup
Monkey infant
Moose calf cow bull
Mouse pinkie, kitten, pup doe buck
Mosquito nymph, wriggler, tumbler
Mule foal jennet, jenny jack
Nightingale chick hen cock
Oryx calf
Otter pup, whelp
Owl owlet
Ox calf cow bull
Oyster spat
Panther cub pantheress
Partridge chick, cheeper hen, chantelle cock
Peafowl chick, peachick peahen peacock
Pelican chick, nestling
Pig piglet sow boar
Pigeon squab hen cock
Pony foal (either sex) mare stallion
Porcupine pup, porcupet sow boar
Rabbit bunny, kit doe, jill buck, jack
Raccoon cub, kit sow boar
Rail chick reeve ruff
Ram lamb ewe ram
Rat kitten, nestling doe buck
Red deer calf hind stag
Reindeer (caribou) calf cow bull
Rhinoceros calf cow bull
Sea lion pup, beach weaner, calf cow bull
Seal pup
Shark cub
Sheep lamb ewe ram
Skunk boar
Snake snakelet
Spider spiderling
Squirrel pup, kit, kitten doe buck
Swan cygnet, flapper pen cob
Tiger cub tigress tiger
Toad tadpole, toadlet
Turkey poult hen tom, gobbler, stag,
Turtle hatchling
Water buffalo calf cow bull
Weasel bitch, doe, jill buck, dog, hub, jack
Whale calf cow bull
Wolf cub, pup, whelp bitch, fae, she-wolf dog, brute
Worm wormlet
Yak calf cow bull
Zebra foal mare stallion
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List of Animals with Male, Female and Young Names
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