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List of Important Rivers of India

Now here in this post will go through the list of important rivers of India. We will get awareness of the details of rivers that what is name of Indian rivers, what is origin from, where it falls into and what is the length of river. Let start:

Name Origin from Falls into Length (km)
Ganges Combined Sources Bay of Benal 2525
Satluj Mansarovar Rakas Lakes Chenab 1050
Indus Near Mansarovar lake Arabian Sea 2880
Ravi Kullu Hills near Rohtang Pass Chenab 720
Beas Near Rohtang Pass Satluj 470
Jhelum Verinag in Kashmir Chenab 725
Yamuna Yamunotri Ganga 1375
Chambal M. P. Yamuna 1050
Ghagra Matsatung Glacier Ganga 1080
Kosi Near Gosain Dham Peak Ganga 730
Betwa Vindhyanchal Yamuna 480
Son Amarkantak Ganga 780
Brahmaputra Near Mansarovar Lake. Bay of Bengal 2900
Narmada Amarkantak Gulf of Khambat 1057
Tapti Betul Distt. in M. P. Gulf of Khambat 724
Mahanadi Raipur Distt. in Chhatisgarh Bay of Bengal 858
Luni Aravallis Rann of Kuchchh 450
Ghaggar Himalayas Near Fatehabad 494
Sabarmati Aravallis Gulf of Khambat 416
Krishna Western Ghats Bay of Bengal 1327
Godavari Nasik distt. in Maharashtra Bay of Bengal 1465
Cauvery Brahmair Range of Western Ghats Bay of Bengal 805
Tungabhadra Western Ghats Krishna river 640

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List of Important Rivers of India
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9 reviews on “List of Important Rivers of India

  • nazma says:

    Hai,pls post shortcut tric to remember aa this

  • shivangi says:

    what are the sanskrit names of hindu rivers

  • sanchit mehta says:

    हेल्लो सर मुझे अपने मोबाइल मे भारत की नदियों की जानकारी एंड नदियों का नाम अपने मोबाइल मे chaiya

  • vandan says:

    mahanadi is in odisha (orissa)

  • admin says:

    Hi mjmohanraj, above given information is correct and confirmed with other great resources.

  • mjmohanraj says:

    longest river is ganga 2510.

    above brahmaputra has 2900km?

    please give the information clearly

    • p.shalini says:

      brahmaputra is not the longest river in India becoz only a part of it flows in india.we have to take in account only the distance of the river in,ganga is the longest river.

    • krishna says:

      river ganga originates from gangothri glacier which is in flows across india and falls into bay of bengal. whereas brahmaputra originates from china it flows through china nepal india n bangladesh., and fallls into bay of bengal..

  • mjmohanraj says:

    ganges orgin from gangotri and length 2510

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