List of Republic Day celebration in different countries

विभिन्न देशों में गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह की सूची (Vibhinn Desho Mein Ganatantr Divas Samaaroh Ki Suchi)

Republic Day is the name of a holiday in several countries to commemorate the day when they became republics.

Country Date Month
India 26 January
Hungry 1 February
Guyana 23 February
Pakistan 23 March
Iran 1 April
Gambia 24 April
Lithuania 15 May
Azerbaijan 28 May
Nepal 28 May
South Africa 31 May
Italy 2 June
Iceland 17 June
Ghana 1 July
Philippines 4 July
Iraq 14 July
Tunisia 25 July
Macedonia 2 August
Tobago 24 September
Portugal 5 October
East Germany 7 October
Taiwan 10 October
Turkey 29 October
Maldives 11 November
Brazil 15 November
Northern Cyprus 15 November
Chad 28 November
Central African 1 December
Burkina Faso 11 December
Kenya 12 December
Malta 13 December
Kazakhstan 16 December
Niger 18 December
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List of Republic Day celebration in different countries
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