Major and Important Rivers of the World

It is supposed that largest river is Amazon, although it is 222 km shorter than Nile (the longest river of the world). It is considered so because it is navigable by deep sea steamers and has the greatest flow of water. And III is Mississippi Missouri in USA.

Other major rivers details like name, its origin, where it falls in and the length of the river:

River Origin Falls in Length (Km.)
Nile Victoria lake Mediterranean Sea 6,650
Amazon Andes (Peru) Atlantic  Ocean 6,428
Mississippi Missouri Itasca lake (USA) Gulf of Mexico (USA) 6,020
Yangtze Tibetan Kin Plateau China Sea 5,494
Ob Altai Mts., Russia Gulf of Ob 5,410
Huang Ho Kunlun Mts. Gulf of Chibli 4,344
Yenisei Tannu-Ola Mts. Arctic Ocean 3,804
Conga Lualaba & Luapula rivers Atlantic Ocean 3,700
Niger Guinea Gulf of Guinea 4,180
Mekong Tibetan highlands South China sea 4,180
Volga Voldai Plateau, Russia Caspian Sea 3,690
St. Lawrence Lake Ontario Gulf of St. Lawrence 3,058
Brahmaputra Lake Mansarovar Bay of Bengal 2,900
Indus Near lake Mansarovar Arabian sea 2,880
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Major and Important Rivers of the World
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