Major Inventions and Inventor

प्रमुख आविष्कार और आविष्कारको की सूची (Pramukh Aavishkaar Aur Aavishkaarako Ki Suchi)

Major Inventions and Inventor

Invention / discovery / rendering Invention / explorers / exponent
Gtiwadi theory of heat Calvin
Film and photography accessories George Eastman Kodak
Genetic code and artificial gene Hargobind Khurana
Reading and writing the script for the visually impaired Louis Braille
Radio and wireless telegraphy G. Marconi
Electric current and battery Volta
Rules of Heredity Gregory Mendl
Piriodin Table Mendlif
Typewriter Christopher Latham Scholtz
Transistors W. Sokle
Barometer Toriseli
Radar A. Acltelr and LEO Silyng
Aircraft Wright Brothers
Fountain Pen Lewis E.Waterman
Motor construction Henry Ford
Automobile Karl Benz
Telephone Graham Bell
Microphone Graham Bell
Helicopter A. Ohmishn
Spectroscope Bunsen
Principle the lever, the relative density Archimedes
Krescograf J. C. Bose
IQ tests Winnett
Short Hand Pittman
Locomotive Richard Trvthik
Gunpowder Roger Bokan
X-rays W. C. Rontjen
Nuclear fission Rutherford
Raman effect C. V. Raman
Telescope Galileo
Safety Razor Gillette
The art of printing Guttenberg
Lift Alissa Graves Otis
Nuclear reactor A. Fermi
Steam engine James Watt
The bicycle McMillan
Revolver Colt
Gas Engines Daimler
Safety Lamps Humphry Davy
Refrigerators James Herisn and A. katlin
Electric bulb, the gramophone Thomas Alva Edison
Dynamo Michael Faraday
Avogradro hypothesis Avogradro
Radio activity of uranium Henry Bkhwarel
Television J. L. Baird
Logarithmic John Napier
Lightning rod Benjamin Franklin
Steel smelting process Henry Bakhwarel
Cosmic rays R. A. Milikn
Hydrogen, water structure Cavendish
Theory of evolution Charles Darwin
Radium Madame Curie and Pierre Curie
Atomic theory Dalton
Thermos flask Devr
Theory of relativity A. Einstein
Geometry set Euclid
Fahrenheit thermometer Fahrenheit
Electrical-dissection rules Michael Faraday
Quantum Theory Max Plaak
Mental analysis Freud
The art of making rubber Goodyear
Gravity, laws of motion Newton
Dynamite Alfred Nobel
Fission of uranium (atomic bomb) Otohon
Oxygen Jay. Priestley
Proton Goldstein
Electron J. J. Thomas
Neutron James Chadwick
Chlorine Schiele
Atomic Structure Bohr
Portland cement Joseph Spdin

Major Inventions and Inventor
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