March 13, 2015 GK Question


Attempt below questions based on March 13, 2015 major events and build you GK online:

1. Name of nation successfully tested its first indigenous all-weather armed drone on March 13?
2. How many year completed by Sonia Gandhi as Congress president on 13th march?
3. Who won the Delhi NCR Cup by five strokes played?
5. Which University’s scientists have identified an area in the brain directly related to pain intensity?
6. Name of two countries signed four agreements during PM Narendra Modi’s maiden visit?
8. Where was announced that cow slaughter punishable with up to 10 years in jail?
9. Which state’s High Court banned advertisements to daily violates press freedom?
10. Name of Nation’s government will start accepting petitions for the H-1B visas?

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March 13, 2015 GK Question
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