01 January in History : Major Events

01 January - Today in History - Let see what happened on this day in India and World

In India and world history January 01 has a special significance, because on this day there have been many such incidents which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let us know that some of the most important events that will increase your general knowledge. The collected facts will be such as: the people born on this day, the passing of the famous persons, the war pact, the freedom of any country, the invention of new technologies, the change of power, the important national and international day etc

List of historical events of 01 January:

2003The Japanese team Oklahoma Sooners won victory over the American team Washington State Cougars in Rose Bowl on 1st January.
2004The new team USC Trojans won victory over the team Michigan Wolverines in Rose Bowl.
2007The newly formed state Slovenia began using the Euro as its official currency.
2008The newly formed state Cyprus replaced it's currency with the Euro.
2009Slovakia replaced it's national currency, the Slovak Karuna with the Euro.
2010A suicide bomber killed 95 people in Pakistan, injuring over 100 and destroyed 20 houses at a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat.
2011Dilma Rousseff swears in as the president of Brazil. She is the country's first female president.
2012John Howard, the prime minister of Australia and David Hockney, the famous artist were appointed by Queen Elizabeth II to the order of merit. The world famous USA based NASA brought another glory to its feather. Its second Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Spacecraft is in orbit around the moon.
2013The famous American pop singer of 1950's Patti Page dies at the age of 85 Encinitas, California. The singer was famous for his songs “how much is that”, “Doggie in the window” and “Tennessee waltz”.
2014Bill Clinton, the former president of USA Swears in the New York 109th mayor. Bill de Blasio was the city's first democratic mayor since 1993.

List of famous people who born on 01 January:

1919Rocky Graziano / Actor / United States of America
1949Max Azria / Fashion Designer / France
1959Azali Assoumani / Politician / Comoros
1774André Marie Constant Duméril / Academic / France
1943Vladimir Šeks / Politician / Croatia
1922Roz Howard / Racing Car Driver / United States of America
1953Gary Johnson / Politician / United States of America
1545Magnus Heinason / Army Officer / Denmark
1917Shannon Bolin / Actress / United States of America
1887Wilhelm Canaris / Admiral / Germany
1986Glen Davis / Basketball Player / United States of America
1975Mohamed Albuflasa / Activist / Bahrain
1711Baron Franz von der Trenck / Soldier / Austria
1892Artur Rodziński / Conductor / United States of America
1950James Richardson / Poet / United States of America
1977Hasan Salihamidžić / Footballer / Bosnia and Herzegovina
1944Omar al-Bashir / Politician / Sudan
1704Soame Jenyns / Poet / United Kingdom
1975Bengt Sæternes / Footballer / Norway
1548Giordano Bruno / Poet / Italy
1859Michael Joseph Owens / Inventor / United States of America
1864Qi Baishi / Painter / China
1922Jerry Robinson / Illustrator / United States of America
1925Paul Bomani / Politician / Tanzania
1984Rubens Sambueza / Footballer / Argentina
1961Sam Backo / Rugby Player / Australia
1925Matthew Beard / Actor / United States of America
1516Margaret Leijonhufvud / Queen / Sweden
1944Mati Unt / Author / Estonia
1979Ingo Kindervater / Badminton Player / Germany

List of famous Indian people who born on 01 January:

1975Sonali Bendre / Actress / India
1943Raghunath Anant Mashelkar / Scientist / India
1875Hasrat Mohani / Writer / India
1938Ganapathi Thanikaimoni / Scientist / India
1931Satish Prasad Singh / Politician / India
1951Nana Patekar / Actor / India
1979Vidya Balan / Actress / India
1944Parikshit Sahni / Actor / India
1891Sampurnanand / Politician / India
1960Kunika / Actress / India
1950Deepa Mehta / Writer / India
1894Satyendra Nath Bose / Mathematician / India
1980Vidya Balan / Actress / India
1935Om Prakash Chautala / Politician / India
1952Shaji N. Karun / Director / India
1942Baleshwar Yadav / Singer / India
1932Mohsina Kidwai / Politician / India
1892Mahadev Desai / Author / India
1894Satyendra Nath Basu / Scientist / India
1914Sarat Chandra Sinha / Politician / India

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