09 May in History : Major Events

09 May - Today in History - Let see what happened on this day in India and World

In India and world history May 09 has a special significance, because on this day there have been many such incidents which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let us know that some of the most important events that will increase your general knowledge. The collected facts will be such as: the people born on this day, the passing of the famous persons, the war pact, the freedom of any country, the invention of new technologies, the change of power, the important national and international day etc

List of historical events of 09 May:

1927Canberra replaced Melbourne as the capital of Australia on May 9, 1927 with the opening of Provisional Parliament House. It is Australia’s largest inland city, located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory.
1932Piccadilly Circus was lit by electricity for the first time on May 9, 1932.Piccadilly Circus is known for its video display and neon signs for advertisements. Initially incandescent light bulbs were used for the display, later on it was replaced by neon lights and moving signs that too replaced by LED displays by 2011.
1944The first eye bank was founded on May 9, 1944 in New York, United States by two physicians Dr. John MacLean and Dr. Townley Paton to store eyes for cornea transplant.
1945The Soviet government marked the Victory Day in World War II on May 9, 1945 after the signing of the surrender document by Nazi Germany. 9 May was celebrated to commemorate the victory of Red Army over the Nazi forces.
1956War Reparations and Peace Settlement between Philippines and Japan was signed on May 9, 1956 at Malacañang Palace under Philippines President Ramon Magsaysay administration, ending long drawn controversy between Philippines and Japan.
1960Nigeria became the member of the Commonwealth on May 9, 1960. In 1995, Nigeria was suspended from the membership for two year but its suspension was lifted on May 29, 1999 with the swearing in of the democratically elected civilian president.
1962The first successful lunar laser ranging experiment was conducted on May 9, 1962 at Lexington when a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology observed laser pulses reflected from moon’s surface using a laser.
2001The worst stadium disaster in the history of Africa occurred on May 9, 2001 at Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, Accra, Ghana what better remember as Accra Sports Stadium Disaster. Disappointed Football fan started throwing plastic seats and bottles onto the pitch that later caused stampede resulting from police reaction of firing tear gas into the crowd that ultimately led to the death of 127 people
2005The Huffington Post, an American online news aggregator, was launched on May 9, 2005. It was founded by Arianna Huffington to offer news related to each category, blogs, original content etc. It became the first commercially run United States digital media enterprise to win Pulitzer Prize in 2012.
2012‘Orange, Red, Yellow’ painting became the most expensive post war/contemporary art on May 9, 2012, sold for $86,882,500 at a public auction. It is a 1961 Color Field painting by American painter Mark Rothko.

List of famous people who born on 09 May:

1907Kathryn Kuhlman / Author / United States of America
1991Majlinda Kelmendi / Judoka / Kosovo
1994Ryan Auger / Footballer / United Kingdom
1937Rafael Moneo / Architect / Spain
1921Mona Van Duyn / Poet / United States of America
1978Leandro Cufré / Footballer / Argentina
1895Lucian Blaga / Poet / Romania
1968David Benoit / Basketball Player / United States of America
1985Henrique Andrade Silva / Footballer / Brazil
1931Vance D. Brand / Engineer / United States of America
1935Nokie Edwards / Guitarist / United States of America
1921Sophie Scholl / Activist / Germany
1945Steve Katz / Writer / United States of America
1943Anders Isaksson / Journalist / Sweden
1934Alan Bennett / Writer / United Kingdom
1917Fay Kanin / Writer / United States of America
1962Paul Heaton / Writer / United Kingdom
1928Pancho Gonzales / Tennis Player / United States of America
1919Clifford Chadderton / Journalist / Canada
1961Sean Altman / Writer / United States of America
1914Hank Snow / Writer / United States of America
1935Roger Hargreaves / Author / United Kingdom
1983Christos Marangos / Footballer / Cyprus
1987Scott Bolton / Rugby Player / Australia
1983Alan Campbell / Actor / United Kingdom
1963Joe Cirella / Ice Hockey Player / Canada
1946Ayşe Nur Zarakolu / Author / Turkey
1993Ryosuke Yamada / Idol / Japan
1824Jacob ben Moses Bachrach / Author / Poland
1979Pierre Bouvier / Singer / Canada

List of famous Indian people who born on 09 May:

1540Maharana Pratap / Ruler / India
1866Gopal Krishna Gokhale / Politician / India
1866Gopal Krishna Gokhale / Politician / India
1905Eggoni Pushpa Lalitha / Bishop / India
1866Gopal Krishna Gokhale / Freedom Fighter / India

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