10 October in History : Major Events

1913The Panama Canal formally linked the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean when the Gambia dike was destroyed with charges of dynamite. 
1990A Hindu-Muslim upheaval takes place in Hyderabad-Aligargh India, leading to the death of 140.
2006A naval base and oil facility in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, have been taken over by equipped attackers. It is believed that they are holding 60 people as hostages.
2008As per Oxfam, those in need of food aid in Ethiopia has increased to 6.4 million, almost two million more than in June.
2009Around 40 people are detained after conflicts between anti-Islamic and anti-racist protests in Manchester, England.
2010Around 36 people die after an encumbered boat overturns in the Ganges River in Bihar, India.
2011Belgium and France have agreed to break up and partly nationalize Belgium’s largest bank, Dexia.
2012ESO astronomers find an astonishing spiral structure around carbon star R Sculptoris.
2013The astronaut of Mercury 7, Scott Carpenter, who was also the 2nd American to orbit the earth passed away at the age of 88 after facing complications from a stroke.
2014Three people in Mali, which has had no previous cases of Ebola, have been injected with an experimental vaccine against this virus. This was the first trial of its kind in Africa.

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10 October in History : Major Events
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