11 October in History : Major Events

1921A plague that is beyond medical science’s explanation is taking numerous lives each year. This Plague of sleeping sickness, affects young, old, rich and poor.
1968NASA's first three-man space operation, Apollo 7, is launched from Cape Canaveral. 
1984Kathy Sullivan sets an example by being the first American woman to walk in space during a Test for orbital refueling on the Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-41-G.
1998After a week of currency speculation the dollar settles at its lowest level against the Japanese Yen with the dollar trading at 116 yen
2000A major environmental disaster happens when Over 300 gallons of black sludge is released into the Mississippi River near Inez, Kentucky as the result of the collapse of an energy company’s dam resulting in the death of millions of fish and cost nearly 78 million dollars to clean up.
2006As per a report released by the United Nations the abuse of children is "widespread and tolerated" in many places around the world. According to a separate report by the charity, Save the Children more than a million children around the world are imprisoned.
2007John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia offers a lawful referendum that identifies native Australians in the Australian constitution, only if he is reelected.
2011An oil spill from the ship MV Rena off the coast of Tauranga in New Zealand becomes the country's worst environmental disaster.
2012The U.S. court ruling banning the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is overturned, winning a round for Google's Android against Apple.
2013Nearly 500,000 people been evacuated from India's Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in preparation for Cyclone Phailin.

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11 October in History : Major Events
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