September 4, 2014 GK Question


Attempt below 10 questions based on 4th September2014 major events and check your current affairs knowledge.

1. Which country’s prime minister announced that he hoping for sign a nuclear cooperation agreement with India on Sep-2014?
2. How many years completed LIC on 1 Sep 2014?
3. What is the name of Indian Finance minister who launched new website of PFRDA on 4 Sep-2014?
4. Which company recently invest Rs400crore in KFC, Pizza hut operator?
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5. When did European Central Bank launched a new scheme to push money into the flagging Eurozone economy?
6. Who became the first Japanese man in US open semi finals after 96 year on 4 Sep-2014?
8. Which country’s president cancelled Pakistan trip over Danger on 4 Sep-2014?
9. Where will hold 4th International Sufi Festival from 19 December to 21 December 2014?
10. Dalai Lama’s visit third time cancels on Thursday for a summit Nobel peace laureates in….

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September 4, 2014 GK Question
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