Some Important Facts about Plants

पौधों के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्यों की सूची (Paudhon Ke Baare Mein Mehatvapurn Tathyon Ki Suchi)

Some Important Facts about Plants

  • Redwood tree is the tallest tree.
  • The leaf of the Victoria Regia Lily is the largest.
  • The bark of cinchona tree is used to prepare quinine.
  • Coconut tree is one of the most useful trees.
  • The latex is the thick plant juice.
  • Bamboos are a type of grass.
  • Leaves are the food factories of plants.
  • Banana leaves may be 4.5 meters long.
  • According to the Hindu mythology, pepal is a sacred tree.
  • Flowers are sexual parts of the following plants. They produce seeds.
  • Clove is a tropical tree. Its dried leaves are used as a spice.
  • Mushroom is a fungus having round head and stem. It is used as a vegetable.
  • The plants which trap and digest insects are called insectivorous plants.
  • From the leaves of Eucalyptus tree oil is extracted for medicinal use.
  • Rufflesia is the largest flower in the world. It is found in Indonesia.
  • The process of reproduction in plant is called pollination.

Some Important Facts about Plants
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