Computer Quiz Part 1

Byte is a combination of______ bits.

A collection of programmes written to bring the hardware of a computer system into operation is

A standard keyboard has a total of 84 or 101 or _______ keys.

A general collection of data shared by a variety of users is

Bit is the basic unit of_______. It can have two values one and zero only.

A set of instructions given to the computer in a particular sequence for solving a given problem is

A _______ is a number, it carries instructions or information inside computers.

A _________,or bit for short is a number. It is either 1 or 0.

A programme which converts assembly language programme into _______ language programme.

A central processing (CPU), is a part of a _______, it uses a program to change data that pass through it.

Boolean algebra was developed to deal with binary numbers.Under the binary system all ordinary operations are reduced to their simplest form.

Zero and one in their endless combination constitute binary I system on which ______ are based.

The ________is an organised collection of routines and procedures for operating a computer.

Combination of four bits is

_______is defined as software embedded into the hardware.

Compiler is a programme which translates a high-level language programme into ________ language.

_______ is the combination of two or more than two bytes.

The term given to the machinery itself and to me various individual pieces of equipment is

______ is a term which describes a way of counting

Time Sharing is the concurrent use of a single computer system by ________ independent users.

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