February 2012 Quiz

February 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of February 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of Feb-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

What is the name of the India’s new rating index?

Rice output of which state has more than doubled in financial year 2011-12?

A high level committee appointed by the government to study the generation and curbing of black money has suggested enhancement in penal punishment for corruption-related offences. What is the maximum limit?

4 India has decided to pay 45 per cent of the value of its oil import to Iran in.

Based on 2004-05 prices, per capita income in India in 2010-11was……

Government has approved capital infusion of 7900 crore in February 2012 in which of the following banks?

Which of the following banks have launched account portability in February 2012?

In which state, Union cabinet has approved the setting up of a new rail coach manufacturing unit in February 2012?

Which state has made MGNREGS Fund Act to check the proper and dedicated utilization o the fund?

Which state has emerged as the leading investment destination in the country during 2102-11?

Which film was bestowed with Best film award in Oscar ceremony in February 2012?

A mono rail, first in India, has been flagged off in February 2012 in which of the following city?

According o he statistical report released in February which state topped in the list of per capita income in India during 2009-10?

Which two European countires have siged civil nuclear deals worth 500 million in February 2012?

Name the Indian Ocean Arhcipelago which faced police mutiny in February 2012?

The third Afghanistan- Pakistan-Iran trilateral summit was held in February 2012 at which of the following places?

Disparate leaders of which country have agreed on he basic structure of a new government to replace the fragile transitional body in February 2012?

Which of the following cities hosted summit on sustainable development in February 2012?

In February 2012, which country approved construction of two atomic reactors in more than three decades?

What is Julang-27?

Which American state has legalized same sex marriage in February 2012?

who has been appointed as the CEO of Prasar Bharti?

A multi-nation naval exercise ‘milan’ was launched in February 2012 along the coast of…….........

India’s leading radio station, Radio Mirchi, has launched overseas station in February 2012 in which of the following countries?

Mummies in which country have been claimed to preserve in mercury for almost 200 years?

Whose album has been declared Album of the year at the 54th annual Grammy Awards?

Who has been honoured as leading actor at BAFTA in February 2012/

Pakistan government has declared ancestral home of which Indian actor as heritage site in Peshawar?

Indian men’s hockey team qualified for London Olympic beating.

Which country lifted Africa cup football title in February 2012?

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