July 2012 Quiz

July 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of July 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of Jul-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

Who coined the word ‘God Particle’?

Sunita Williams took-off her second space odyssey in July from….

Which among the following has recently been placed in endangered list by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature?

Maria, a satellite TV channel, exclusively operated and managed by women wearing the full-face veil, started airing in July 2012 in----

Which among the following has unveiled language.Com, an online information exchange platform to save endangered language in July 2012?

Where is the largest ever meteorite crater discovered on the earth in July 2012?

Which among the following is the first state to ban pan masala on July 20?

Which Indian state has decided in- principle to implement the seaplane project aimed at boosting tourism in the state in July 2012?

Which European Country has banned Indian Mujahideen in July 2012, citing the indiscriminate mass casualty attacks?

Name the Indian state which has made the e-tendering compulsory for mining in July 2012?

Delhi Safari is----

Who has been appointed as the United Nations’ special envoy for global education in July 2012?

The International Criminal Court sentenced a Congolese warlord to 14 years in prison on July 10. Name the warlord.

Which Indian has been chosen for the Ramon Magsaysay Award-2012 in July, 2012 for Women empowerment in rural areas?

Against which country US has filed a complaint with the world Trade Organisation of antidumping and countervailing duties?

Who among the following has been named as the recipient of the 2012 Liberty Medal on July 5?

Marissa Mayer has become new CEO of------In July 2012.

Who has been named as new prime minister of Egypt in July 2012?

Name the indigenous stealth frigate commissioned in Indian Navy on July?

Rajesh Khanna, who died on July 18 had made his debut in 1966 with—

The Italian car designer, who died on July 3 and whose company designed Ferraris for decades is—

On July, 7 US Administration has declared which country as its major non-NATO ally?

Who Clinched the women’s singles Wimbledon-2012 in July?

Which country won the Euro Cup football 2012 on July 1?

Jeev Milkha Singh won which of the following titles of golf on July 15?

Name the women sportsperson, who is set to become the first Indian women to hold on honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the country’s defence forces.

Indo-Russian Inter-Governmental commission meet on July 17 was held in----

According to the Employment and Unemployment Survey-2012 released by Labour Bureau in July, which state has least unemployment?

Which among the following has been including in the prestigious list of UNESCO word heritage sites by World Heritage Committee at its meeting in St. Petersburg in July 2012?

Which of the following magazine of international repute has dubbed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as an under-achiever?

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