March 2012 Quiz


March 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of March 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of Mar-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

Which of the following EU countries did not sign the fiscal compact agreement?

Which war-torn Arab country did Indian external affairs minister visit in March 2012?

Which EU country has decided to check details of all the passenger from the non-European economic area in the country?

Who has been appointed new chief of Pak ISI?

Name the only Indian University which has registered its presence in World’s top 400 universities list compiled by the Times Higher Education World University rankings.

Which Indian States has introduced human right as a subject in the school syllabus with an aim to promote awareness among the students about their constitutional rights in March 2012?

Meri Rafter pe Suraj Ki Kiran Naaz Kare” is a state prayer of which state?

Name the state in which union government has put in place a new law that bans videography in tribal areas to provide. Proper security to the Jarawa tribe?

Who has been elected chief minister of Manipur after the recently held election?

Which of the following states has presented its fourth successive Zero deficit budget in March 2012?

F. Sherwood Rowland, died on March 10, was a famous…..

Who has lent his voice to the iconic character of Bheeshma Pitamah in an upcoming animation film Mahabharat, produced by PEN India?

Joachim Gauck, a protestant pastor and anti-communist activist has recently been elected president of …

Which of the following countries has planned to launch about 100 satellites in the sky by 2015?

Scientists have recently detected presence of Oxygen in the atmosphere of which planet’s moon?

Which States has successfully cloned the world’s first pashmina goat ?

Who has been appointed new army chief of India?

Kamlu Happy’ is…

Name the veteran actor of Bollywood, who starred in several hit filsm as ‘Love in smile,’ ‘Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon,’ died on March 9, 2012.

Which of the following is not true about union budget 2012-13?

What is the main source of government expenditure planned in budget 2012-13?

What rate of growth did Indian economy achieve during 2011-12 ?

Which of the following countries has recently become the largest importer of conventional weapons replacing China?

Indian Air Force has recently launched a military exercise in northeast. What was it code-name?

Who wrote the famous book ‘Two Mothers?

Where did the Asian Cup Cricket-2012 held?

Rahul Dravid, one of the greatest Indian batsman, announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket. He made an eventful ODI debut against….

Sachin scored his much-awaited 100 international at which of the following playground?

Who has been announced best actor in the 59th National Film Awards?

Who has recently been chosen for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award-2011

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