May 2012 Quiz


May 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of May 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of May-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

The NATO Summit was held at….in May 2012?

Who has been elected new predident of frrance on May 5, 2012?

Who among the following has been placed at number on among the World’s 20 Power Moms in the Forbes list/

Which European government has come up with new laws that stubout the sale of Cannabis to Foreigners?

Which country has declared itself nuke-free in May 2012 for the first time in 42 years?

The Camp David Declarationis associated with……………..

Which Indian state has declared Urban water Policy for 2012?

Parliament has passed the North-Eastern areas ( Reorganisation) and Other related Laws (Amendment) Bill to allow for the creation of high courts in which of the following state(s)?

Name the Indian state which has recognized housework officially first time in India.

Which Indian state has abolished the practice of reservation in promotions for government employees in May 2012?

The Lok Sabha on May 15, approved a bill to grant scheduled tribe status to which community?

Who wrote the famous book ‘The House holder’?

The U-21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems lists counties best at proving higher education. Which rank does India possess in this list?

Which Indian is conferred the Grand Cordon of the Order of the rising Sun title by Japan for this contribution in strengthening economic relations between Japan and India?

Music Maestro A.R. Rahman has been conferred with his first American honorary doctorate by the……….

Who among the following took over as the chairman of NASSCOM on April 30?

Name the woman who has made history by becoming the oldest woman to scale the World’s highest mountain, Mount Everest on May 19, 2012?

India’s biggest-eve war games in the Thar Desert, which was conducted against the backdrop of studies on transformation of the army in the border areas of Rajasthan was named………….

What is Ins Dweeprakshak?

Which among the following has become the largest importer f arms by surpassing China?

Which Indian film has been named among 10 Greatest Movies of the Millennium by Time magazine?

Pulitzer prize winner, a combat photographer who carved out new standards for covering, died on May 20, 2012. Name the person.

Which country has launched mapping satellite Tianhul-I-02 on May 6, 2012?

Which disease, has been declared as notifiable by centre on May 16, 2012?

. Indian Parliament celebrated its…. Anniversary of first sitting on May 13, 2012.

India’s Tourist visa on arrival policy facility has been recently extended for nationals of France, Germany and…..

Who has been appointed brand ambassador for sanitation campaign by the union ministry of rural development/

. Government of India has appointment a new expert group to recommend a new estimation methodology for poor aimed at linking government subsidies. Who will lead the expert group?

The Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines for implementation of Basel III capital regulation in India. It will be implemented from…..

Which among the following is the Major importer of Indian Tobacco?

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