November 2012 Quiz


November 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of November 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of Nov-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

The Australian Climate Commission warned that the world's sea levels could increase by the end of the 21st Century is.

Who has been selected as the new PM of China?  

Which two countries signed Agreement for the Modernization of Indian Railways?

Recently GOI has raised the income bar norm for the Low Income Group. The new norm lies in range of:

According to the international rating agency Moody’s Analytics, India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2012 is forecast to be.

The Kyoto Prize  to honour those who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural and spiritual betterment of mankind has been awarded to:

India has recently been launched its heaviest (3400 kg) communication satellite GSAT-10 from Kourou spaceport. Where is Kourou spaceport situated?

Who has been selected as the new CBI chief in India?

Which is the country's first open defecation free state?

Carrier of Parasite Plasmodium is-  

First organic chemical to be synthesized in laboratory-  

Ice floats on water because-  

Lens system used in a microscope-

Ozone layer protects earth from-  

‘Raman effects’ was used to develop-

Mewa-nagar in Rajasthan is famous for—    

Curd making is an ancient ‘Biotechnological’ Process involving—  

H5NI virus causing global pandemic influenza is-  

The first human statues worshipped in India were those of-  

Mixed farming consists of—  

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