September 2012 Quiz

2012 G-20 Mexico Summit

September 2012 Quiz Questions with Answers: Here we can check and build our general knowledge by attempting the quiz for the month of September 2012 online. This quiz and its question can help you to grab and remind the major events happened in the month of Sep-12. All below questions are specifically designed for certain kinds of competitive exams.

The UNESCO Madanjeet Singh prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence has been conferred on:

Where was the 7th meeting of G-20 heads of Government held in 2012?

Who won the112th U.S open golf tournament, which was played recently?

"Prithvi II" was successfully launched from the Odissa Coast. Which type of missile is Prithvi II?  

Pakistan successfully test-fire which missile on 5 June 2012?

Asia's first and largest, a 600 MW solar power park situated at which one of the following places?

Which of the following districts of Bihar has achieved record Paddy and Potato production?

The shooting World championship of 2018 was awarded to which of the following country?

The newly launched CPI based inflation on point to point basis is 7.65%.This inflation has the base year as…

The new Chairman of FICCI (Federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry is:

Which of the major ports of India celebrated its Golden jubilee in 2012?

'HUNGAMA' Report of Nandi foundation is related to—

Who is the author of the book ‘My Unforgettable Memories’?

Which Indian State’s 100th anniversary was celebrated recently?

What is the estimated number of Nations participating in London Olympics 2012?

Who will receive the honorary doctorate in civil law nearly after 20 years after Oxford University awarded it?

The Fourth BRICS summit was held in:

India has signed a Civil nuclear deal with which country besides U.S and FRANCE:

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