GK Quiz Part 18

The smallest unit of matter that can take part in a chemical reaction, and which cannot be broken down chemically into anything simpler is

A device used to measure current is

The Study of the structure of the universe and how the objects in it behave is

Adding Machine was invented by

Addressograph was invented by

Boolean algebra was developed to deal with binary numbers. Under the binary system all ordinary _______ Operations are reduced to their simplest form

Byte is a combination of bits

The Indian Space Programme took a major step forward with the launching of the first indigenously built space craft “Aryabhatta” on

The Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Pennar all rise in the Western Ghats and traverse the Plateau and the east coast and empty themselves into the

The Mahanadi and the Damodar rise in the north-west of the plateau and flow east into the

_______ is a deposit of sand, mud or gravel and is left by a river when it leaves hilly ground and flows more slowly over flatter land.

______ describes the height of one point above another point

_____ is a mineral which can be used as a gem.

Ashoka defeated king of Kalinga in the river battle of kalinga fought in the year

Vikrama Era began in the year

Palto was born in the year

Alexander the great was born in the year

Great Wall of China was built in the year

India’s GDP is where US GDP was in

On a per capita basis, India’s GDP is what was in the USA in the

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