GK Quiz Part 20

Bearer Cheque is

Bill of Exchange is

Blue collar jobs are

A condition in which the normal skin colour is absent is called

One of a group of simple water soluble globular proteins present widely in milk, blood and in egg white is

A tube in multicellular animals through which food is taken into the body, digested and absorbed by the cell is called

Hypersensitivity is called

A unicellular fresh water organism is called

The national emblem of U.S.A. is

The flower emblem of Canada is

The chief artery, the dorsal blood vessel catrying oxygenated blood from the ventricle of the heart is

Living in water is

A substance which releases hydrogen ions in water and has a pH less then 7, e.g. hydrochloric acid in the human stomach is

A period in the human life cycle between puberty and maturity is

A pair of endocrine glands situated anterior to the mammalian kidneys and secreting the hormone heart –beat, breathing, etc, in response to conditions of stress is

The author of the book pride and Prejudice is

The author of the book lvanhoe is

The author of the book I Promessi Sposi, The Betrothed is

The author of the book the count of Monte Cristo is

A great Indian astronomer and mathematic, who adorned the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, after whom the first satellite has been named was

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