GK Quiz Part 21

Kemal Ataturk was a Turkish soldier, statesman and President of

Bhagat Singh was a great patriot and a revolutionary, known as Shahid-e-Azam, was hanged in ____ for participation in the Lahore conspiracy case.

Arjuna Award was instituted in ------ and is awarded to the sportsmen of the year, who are selected by the sports Federation concerned and the awards are recommended by all India council of Sports

Bharatiya Jnanpith Award is given for outstanding constructive work

Agra is situated at the bank of

Ahmadabad is situated at the bank of

Allahabad is situated at the bank of

________ is the mineral, a precious stone which has a purple colour

A/An instrument which measures the speed of the wind is

A Point directly above the true centre of disturbance from which the shock waves of an earthquake apparently radiate is

Film (talking) was invented by

Fountain pen was invented by

The branch of physics dealing with the transmission of light and images through glass of plastic fibres known as

The force that opposes the relative motion of two bodies in contact is

Saka Era began in the year

Reign of Kanishka was in the years

Fa-hien visited India during the period

Romans conquered Jerusalem in the year

Julius Caesar invaded Great Britain in the year

_________ is the combination of two or more than two bytes.

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