GK Quiz Part 23

Acetyl salicylic acid is

Substance that sticks two surfaces togethers is

Water that has had air (Oxygen) blow through it is

Contamination of the atmosphere caused by the discharge, accidental or deliberate, of a wide range of toxic substances is

______ is a chemical element, a grey metal which has very high melting point

How many freedom were originally provided under Article 19?

The Fundamental Rights granted to the Indian Citizens are

The Fundamental Rights of the Indian citizens were

The Fundamental Tights granted to the Indian citizen are

Bhatnagar Awards are given by the Council of Scientific and industrial Research awards each year, ---- of the Rs.One lakh each for important contribution in any field of science.

Dada Saheb Phalke Award is awarded for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of

Bhaskara-I was a great

Sir Donald Bradman was a world famous

The author of the book Vanity Fair is

The author of the book three men in a Boat is

____ is a progressively inflammatory disease of the liver in which the liver cells are destroyed and it is a common disease among habitual alcohol; users.

_______ is Parthenogenetic or asexual descendants from a single individual, all having the same genetic constitution.

_______ is a portion of the large intestine of humans extending from the calcum to the rectum and the inflammation of the colon in humans is called colitis

________ is a infection disease communicable by contact with one suffering from it, with his bodily discharge, or with an object touched by him for example, cholera and chicken pox.

The female literacy in India is

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