GK Quiz Part 24

______ is a violent, uncontrolled muscle spasm, or a series of them, sometimes repeated rapidly and accompanied by unconsciousness

The symbol of Peace is

The symbol of Truce is

The national flag of the U.S.A. is

India is in the FDI ranking attractiveness second only to

With the highest store density globally in India the number of retailers is

Retail in India ranks second in turnover after agriculture with a total employment of

The International monetary organization was established on December 27, 1945 in

As per the census 2001 the total population of Christians in India is 24 Million, of Sikhs 19 Million, of Muslims 13 Million and of the Hindus it is

Ayodhya is situated at the bank of

Badrinath is situated at the bank of

A/An ________ is a fold in the strata of rocks.

______ is a mineral it is a precious stone with a green or turquoise colour.

We have borrowed the Directive Principles of State policy from the Constitution of

The Directive Principle of State policy are

The difference between Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principle of State Policy is that the

The Directive Principles of State Policy were given an over riding position over the Fundamental Tights under certain circumstances by the

The aim of the Directive Principles of States Policy is to establish

An organism which requires oxygen to survive is

A jelly obtained from seaweeds which is used as medium for culturing bacteria is

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