GK Quiz Part 25

The digestive canal in animals, in humans it is tube about nine meters in length running from mouth to anus is

In a flower, the upper part of a stamen containing pollen grains is

The Atomic Energy Commission was set up in August 1948 with _______ as its first chairman.

First time Huns Invaded India in the year

Brutus assassinated Julius Caesar in the year

Deuce is the sports term associated with

Availability of the loans at higher rate of interest is

Debasement is

The securities issued by limited companies to raise loans from the public are

The excess of expenditure over the income or the excess of liabilities over the assets is

Airplane was invented by

Airship (rigid) was invented by

Arc Lamp was invented by

Bakelite was invented by

Balloon was invented by

Kolkata is situated at the bank of

Cuttack is situated at the bank of

Delhi is situated at the bank of

A/An ______ is a group of islands

The ______ is the name given to the most brotherly region of the world and lies within the Arctic Circle.Antarctic

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