GK Quiz Part 28

The class of back-boned land-animals like frogs, roads, newts and salamanders is called

A condition marked by low haemoglobin contact of the blood is

_____ is a class of male sex hormones chiefly produced in the testis, they control the growth of moustaches and beard as also, the deepening of voice in boys attaining puberty

_____ is a group of invertebrates like earthworms, which have long, cylindrical, segmented bodies.

Study of Human species in all its aspects including evolution, culture and population dynamics is

The national flag of the U.K. is

The sign of family panning is

The sign of medical aid (hospital) is

Geoffrey Chaucer is called the Father of --------- poetry

Which is the highest judicial court of India?

What is the maximum number of judges of the Supreme Court of India including the Chief Justice?

The judges of the Supreme Court of India are appointed by

What is the age of retirement for the Judge of the Supreme Court?

Cleopatra was the famous ------------ queen.

A Judge of the Supreme Court may resign his office under Article 124(2) (a) by writing under his hand addressed to the

Hiuen-Tsang traveled in India during the period

Muhammad Bin Qasim Invaded Sind in the year

Somnath Temple was destroyed by Mahmude of Ghazni in the year

Ballpoint pen was invented by

Bicycle tyre (Pneumatic) was invented by

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