GK Quiz Part 30

Capable of being broken down by living organisms, principally bacteria and fungi is

Kalidas Samman national award for classical dance was instituted by the

A person who undertakes an enterprise often at personal financial risk is

The balancing of the two forces of demand and supply is

Ergonomics is

Estate Duty is

A port that accepts the landing of goods from abroad on the understanding that there would be no imposition of any import duty or taxation of any import duty or taxation on the products that are imported is

A well which provides water without pumping is

_______ is a mineral with a rough, thread like texture and is a silicate.

An ____ is a circular coral reef.

The entire zone of air, land and water and the surface of the earth that is occupied by living things are

An organ of storage and vegetative reproduction is vegetative reproduction is

Diet that includes carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, water, minerals and roughage is

Inflammation of the nerve endings, mostly occurring in the tropics and resulting from a deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine) is

The study of living things is

Who is the head of the State Council of Ministers?

The Chief link between the Governor and the Council of Minister in a state is

Can the court inquire as to what advice was tendered by the Ministers to the Governor?

The Chief Minister is appointed by the

The other Ministers of the State Council of Ministers

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