GK Quiz Part 34

When a person or a group controls the supply of a commodity or service to control its price. It is called

A document which gives title to a property as a security for a loan taken is

That part of national wealth which helps in rising of production and of national income is known

The tax on the goods imposed by the municipalities and the District Boards is

How much time did the Constituent Assembly take to prepare the Constitution of India?

Who is called the Father of the Indian Constitution?

Who had given the idea of a Constitution for India first of all?

June 3 Plan was also known as the

In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held that the Preamble contained the basic features of the constitution?

Which of the following words have been added to the Preamble of our Constitution under the Forty-second Amendment?

Mongols invaded India under Chengiz Khan in the year

Razia became the first and last woman ruler of medieval India in the year

Constantine become Emperor of Rome in the year

Huns invaded Europe in the year

Fahien visited India in the year

According to NASSCOM, India controls 44 per cent of the global offshore outsourcing market with revenues of $17.2 billion in.

As many as _______ of the fortune 500 companies now have either set up offices in India or Outsource to Indian technology firms.  

The main objective of the Seventh Five Year Plan were

The main objectives of the Sixth Five Year Plan were

The number of engineers China produced in 2005 was 600,000. India produces nearly _______ technical graduates annually.

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