GK Quiz Part 35

One celled or multi-celled rootless plant is called

An instrument used for measuring the height of a particular place is

Apogee is

Asteroid is

The gaseous envelope surrounding planet is

Pitch is the sports term associated with

Pitcher is the sports term associated with

Free Throw is the sports term associated with

The largest bird is

The bird that never makes a nest is

A phenomenon in which the addition of small quantity of a substance enhances the rate of reaction manifold, without the added substance itself being consumed in the course of the reaction is

An electrode which is the source of electrons and is negatively charged is

The treatment of diseases by the administration of chemicals is

A sweetish, colourless liquid used as a solvent and anaesthetic is

Green pigment found in all members of the plant species, excluding fungi is

Macro Polo visited India in the year

Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq founded the Tughlug dynasty in India in the year

Prophet Mohammad was born at Mecca in the year

Hyderabad is situated at the bank of

Jabalpur is situated at the bank of

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